A number of NHS Trusts are now carrying out their new starter inductions by virtual means. Social distancing rules mean that it may be some time before UNISON can attend these inductions in person.

As we have all learned new ways of staying connected, digitally, over the last six weeks, and got over the horror of seeing our faces on screen, we want YOU to help with our new recruitment video.

What we’re looking for

It’s quite simple. We’d like as many of you as possible to record yourself, saying:

Thank you… for joining the NHS

Please leave a pause (take a breath) between the words ‘Thank you’ and ‘for joining the NHS’ so that we can edit the videos together.
You can do this anywhere, in your living room, outside your house, in your workplace (if you are a key worker going to work).
If you work for the NHS then it would be great if you could record your video in your uniform, but this isn’t essential. We’re looking to gather as many different people as we can, to truly represent UNISON.
Be creative, if you’d like to! Can you make a sign saying thank you? Do you have a UNISON placard you can hold up? Can you get a colleague to film you – from a safe distance? How about a small group of you (observing social distancing of course)?

I’ve never made a video before, do I need any special equipment?

No, you can do this on your smartphone (or tablet if you prefer). You’ll need to film in landscape (with your phone turned on it’s side) and turn your camera to face you – much as you would if you were taking a selfie. Most smartphones have a great camera and a built in microphone, so you just set your camera to ‘record video’ and you’re good to go.

Some tips to get you started

  • It’s best to film with full light on your face – eg. facing a window, rather than with light behind you (which will make you appear in silouhette).
  • You’ll look best if the camera is at eye level – you can hold it with both hands, use a selfie stick if you have one, or even stick your phone to the wall with blu-tac. There’s no need for a tripod (although you can buy some great little ones for phones if you’re interested in doing this again).
  • Think about your background – if you work in a hospital, then can this be your background? If you don’t, then a plain, light coloured background is probably best. (Or a bookcase – if you want to look like an expert!)
  • Try and film somewhere with as little background noise as possible. A slight breeze can sound like a hurricane through your camera, and other conversations in the background will pick up too. If you can find a quiet space, with good light, then you’ll get the best results.

Once you’re done, please email your videos to us at communicationsteam@unison.co.uk

We are keen to have a range of people in the video, to truly represent UNISON members. We welcome videos from all members and all equality groups.
Thank you for your help with this.
Please send your videos to us by 20 May so we can crack on with the editing!