All NHS Staff Deserve A Real Pay Rise – Online Rally

23 June 2021 7:00pm

Online rally

Image description: Three UNISON members holding a banner outside a hospital. Banner says ‘We deserve a real pay rise’

Ahead of UNISON’s next 2daysfor2k on 24-25 June, we’ll be holding an online rally, and everyone’s invited.

Join UNISON Health team’s Helga Pile and Labour MP and Shadow Health Secretary, Jon Ashworth, as they discuss the latest with NHS pay, and how you can get involved in the campaign for a fair pay rise.

We’ll delve a bit deeper into:

  • how pay is decided
  • what evidence UNISON put forward to the pay review body
  • what options the government has
  • how we can keep up the pressure for a fair rise

We talk about our next steps in the campaign, and give you the information you need to know about how those decisions are made and why it’s so important of all health staff to engage in the process.

Not to be missed!

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