Maths Anxiety webinar part 2 – An attitudinal approach: value, belief and persistence

30 September 2020 10:00am–11:30am

Online event

We have secured funding through the Inclusive Learning Project in the South East for a four week online course hosted by the National Numeracy Project. This is a project which aims to advance maths in the workplace; there is absolutely no maths tutoring/ training or learning involved. The purpose of the sessions are to understand anxiety around and towards maths, looking at ways you can help members to overcome it (if they ask).

Within the UK 49% of adults are operating with a maths level of that expected of primary school children and we can help tackle this. The National Numeracy Project understand that as soon as you start talking maths people start to switch off, they propose a much more subtle approach to advancing maths learning in the workplace and as part of that you will learn how to run a successful project.

This course is open to Union Learning Reps and Lifelong Learning Co-ordinators.

How to attend

Simply email with your membership number and the title of the event. Spaces are limited, so apply today!