OLBA (Branch Treasurer) Training

7 May 2021 9:00am–2:30pm


This course is aimed at new Branch Treasurers and Assistant Treasurers.

The course will consist of:

  • An overview of the OLBA system – functionality and reports
  • Showing you how your accounts are completed.
  • Entering your receipts and payments with help and support from course tutor(s).
  • Completing reconciliations for your bank/savings accounts
  • An overview of the new member expenses system
  • A case-study

There are a number of other criteria which you must be able to commit to before embarking on the course and these are listed below.

You will need:

  • A PC or laptop on which you can access Microsoft Teams
  • Internet access
  • Permission from your employer if you are using their IT equipment
  • The GDPR E-note must be completed in advance


To access the GDPR E-note on the UNISON E-learning site:


  1. Create an account on MyUNISON (you may already have done this, if you’ve ever used the Organising Space, the Online Conference System (OCS), or My Details)
  2. Log in to the e-learning site at https://e-learning.unison.org.uk
  3. Find the ‘Data Protection and the GDPR’ course (you can find it under the category ‘More for activists’, linked from the front page)
  4. Select ‘Enrol me’. This will give you access to the e-note.
  5. Select ‘Data protection and the GDPR – click this link’. Then select ‘Start’.
  6. The module should take you around 20 minutes to work through. Be sure to complete the quiz at the end of the module and select ‘Complete’ at the end – this ensures your work is saved.

To reserve your space, please email educationse@unison.co.uk with your membership number