TUC Dealing with Sexual Harassment Course

7 December 2018 9:30am–5:00pm

Sussex Downs College

This course has been designed for all Trade Union Reps and officials.

Recent TUC research has found that sexual harassment is a serious workplace issue. Those on the receiving end can be left feeling humiliated and undermined. The Sexual Harassment course will help union reps challenge attitudes to sexual harassment and give you guidance on how to deal with it in the workplace.

The Sexual Harassment Course will:

  • Detail who is most likely to be affected by sexual harassment
  • Explain why it is a union issue
  • List practical steps that union reps can take in response to sexual harassment.
  • Define what we mean by sexual harassment

Costs: There are no costs for TUC affiliated trade unions. Any expenses you incur (i.e. travel, food etc.) will need to be claimed back from your local branch.

To book your place pleaseĀ email tucedse@tuc.org.uk