UNISON National Disabled LGBT Members Caucus Network meetings

28 June 2017 11:00am–4:00pm


A voice for you at disabled members conference.

Meetings have been arranged to ensure that members from under-represented groups within disabled member self organisation have better access to the disabled members conference agenda.

These caucus meetings allow these groups to submit motions and amendments in line with the conference timetable –as set out by the Standing Orders Committee. There are four caucus groups – black members; women members; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) members and Deaf (BSL users) members.

Members who wish to attend the caucus meetings should

seek branch or regional sponsorship; this will enable them to participate in conference itself. Disabled members’ conference will be held in Manchester from 28-30 October, further details will be issued to branches.

The meetings will take place at the UNISON National Office London.

The equivalent of second class travel and refreshments will be provided nationally for these events.

Any other costs including accommodation will need to be funded by your branch. You must seek permission from your branchbefore you register your attendance.

Deadline to register for meetings is Weds 31 May 2017

Registration required to: h.rashed@unison.co.uk

Members only.