Health Care Students – Frequently asked Questions

I am already a UNISON member?

You can convert your current membership to student membership (£10 per year) if you are a student nurse or apprentice (earning the minimum wage for apprentices studying at any level, or apprentices studying at an intermediate level in England). All other Health Care student prospective members in paid employment need to pay UNISON subscriptions based on their salary.

We understand that many student nurses work part time in the public sector to support themselves through their studies, therefore UNISON wants to help you financially. Your student membership will cover your additional employment if it is somewhere we would normally provide representation (i.e. the public sector). We advise you to join online as a student member and then contact and they will be able to update your membership record.

I also have a part time job in the public sector?

If you are a STUDENT NURSE OR APPRENTICE your student membership will also cover your part time employment, if that is in the Public sector. Join up as a student member online and then please email & update them of your part time employment (they will need to know name of employer, workplace, job role etc), stating that you have just joined as a student member.

Which branch will I belong to?

You will be a member of your closest health branch, nearest to your university. There will be a number of UNISON reps at your local hospitals, in the community and in at local NHS Trusts on hand to support you.

Shortly after joining you will receive your new member welcome pack and this will include your local branch contact details, UNISON Direct Helpline telephone number, welcome letter and a membership card.

When will the £10 payment come out?

Your payment will come out in approx 3-4 weeks from the date that you join. Then £10 per year will come at a similar time each year during your 3 year course by direct debit.

What happens at the end of the 3 years?

Joining by direct debit means that post graduation your membership will automatically update your membership to reflect your new status. Don’t worry, we will contact you before making any changes.

Who I do I contact if I have a placement issue?

If you have concerns please raise this with your mentor, course tutor and contact your local UNISON representative or UNISON Direct on 0800 0857 857. You will be able to speak to them on a confidential basis, gain advice and support on the best course of action for you. UNISON’s publication, ‘Getting the most from your placements’ is a useful booklet to refer to.

Which healthcare students can join UNISON?

We represent the whole NHS and health team:

Student Nurses • Student Midwives • Student Paramedics • Student ODP’s • Student Radiographers• Student OT’s• Student Social Workers• Student Physiotherapists• Nursing Associates• Nursing Apprentices• ODP Apprentices

When will I get my freebies?

We will be delivering your UNISON freebie pack to your universities in October. We will be in contact with all our new Healthcare student members & lecturers soon to arrange deliveries.

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