Remarkable progress for the Labour Party across the South East

Blog from UNISON South East Regional Secretary Maggi Ferncombe

Commenting today (Thursday) on the results of the 2017 general election, UNISON South East regional secretary Maggi Ferncombe said:


“The result of the general election shows remarkable progress for the Labour Party across the South East.


“On Thursday last week, the number of seats held by Labour doubled. At the same time, the winning majorities of a number of sitting Conservative MPs was slashed. Those South East Tory MPs who have seen their majorities dwindle will today be sweating and hoping there won’t be another election any time soon.


“The contribution of UNISON members to the election campaign has been magnificent and I would like to thank everyone who played a part in putting the issues our members are passionate about – the needs of the many – right at the heart of this election. Millions of people have been inspired by that message and we will continue championing the role of public services in the weeks and months ahead.”


UNISON general Secretary Dave Prentis commented:


“This is a truly remarkable result that few predicted at the start of the campaign – certainly not Theresa May.


“From the outset UNISON believed that if Labour shifted the debate onto public services it could strike a chord with the electorate, and Jeremy Corbyn has done just that. Our union is proud to have played its part.


“Theresa May wanted to strengthen her hand for Brexit negotiations – instead she is diminished in the eyes of the British people and watching world leaders.


“She has dragged the whole country through an election, only to leave herself and her party as damaged goods.


“Jeremy has inspired millions to vote for the first time and reinvigorated the fortunes of the Labour Party. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with him and the Labour Party to stand up for public services.”