The ABC of helping others

The Basingstoke food bank was set up in 2012 and gave out 2,869 emergency 3 day food supplies to people in crisis during 2016.

The Basingstoke District LG Branch held “A Bring a Can to work day” on 12th July 2017.

This was in conjunction with The Basingstoke Food Bank, which comes under the Trussel Trust umbrella.

A representative from the food bank joined UNISON Branch Officers at the event and spoke to staff who generously donated items. Karol informed members that low income is the second largest cause of emergency need accounting for nearly 1 in 4 of all food bank referrals. Many in the area were unaware of this vital provision. This was a great opportunity to for UNISON to network and highlight the effects of low pay and other issues that affect people, necessitating them to seek help from the food bank.

UNISON members are also amongst the country’s growing number of ‘working poor’ who also find themselves with no choice but to visit food banks. UNISON is calling on ministers to recognize the impact of the wage freeze on public sector employees. In June 2017 Dave Prentis, UNISON’s General Secretary stated “the hardship faced for years by employees must end.” UNISON will be campaigning to keep up the pressure for this to happen.

The Branch collected an impressive 76KG of food stuffs in just under 3 hours. This was a great achievement.

The Branch Chair Phil Harrison stated

“The Branch is Proud to say we are in UNISON, helping to build community within our local area for a much needed cause. Thanks to everyone who made a donation. So much can be achieved when we come together, each playing a part.  The branch will continue to support the food bank and have left collection points for further donations within the Council”.