Unions submit pay claim on behalf of over 30,000 police staff

The UK’s three largest unions have submitted a pay claim on behalf of the 32,000 police staff they represent in England and Wales.

UNISON, UNITE and GMB have put in a claim for a 5% or £1,000 increase – whichever is greater – for all police staff. It also includes a 5% increase to the allowance for staff while they’re on call.

Police staff pay has increased by just 4.2% in the last six years, while the cost of living has increased by over 20%, say the unions. The pay award is due to come into force from 1 September 2017.

UNISON national officer for police staff Ben Priestley said: “Police staff jobs have already been cut to the bone, leaving those still in post desperately trying to do more with less.

“These employees are a vital part of the team responsible for keeping us safe. The government must scrap the pay cap and give police staff the pay rise they deserve.”

Unite national officer Fiona Farmer said: “Pay cuts in real terms combined with budget cuts have taken their toll on morale, leading to recruitment and retention problems. In some parts of the country we are seeing call handlers leaving and going to work in call centres for the likes of Vodafone for better pay and less stress.

“It’s time to scrap the pay cap and end the pay misery that hardworking police staff have had to endure for years by giving these unsung heroes and heroines a decent pay rise.”

GMB national officer Kevin Brandstatter said: “Our members have had enough. Overworked, underpaid and undervalued – they want fairness and justice.

“Our members perform vital jobs and are called to deal with traumatic incidents and this government seems not to care.

“If they want to demonstrate their loyalty to hard working staff in a really difficult environment, the government should abandon the pay cap, meet the claim in full and provide the funding to do so.”

Police staff include PCSOs, 999 call handlers and scene of crime and forensic specialists.