Training the Next Generation of Black Leaders

Feeding back on September 2017’s Black members leadership and motion writing course

In September 2017, the Regional Black Members Committee organised a well-attended Leadership Training and Motion Writing event for members. The training took place over the weekend 15 – 17 September in Eastbourne and was delivered by Regional Education Officer Sam Wines.

We had 17 delegates in attendance, of these three were brand new activists and this was their first meeting and UNISON training event. We covered creating, preparing, writing and delivering motions at UNISON conferences and attendees were given a detailed understanding of how conference works ie. how to move a motion, timings, standing orders, regional meetings, fringe meetings, networking opportunities and information on stalls that attend. We also covered how branches should be encouraging and supporting their Black members to attend not just conference, but many of the events and activities that are directly linked to Black members.

Four motions were produced during the training and your Black Members Committee agreed for three of these  to be put forwards for debate at the 2018 UNISON National Black Members Conference. One was unfortunatley rulled out of order, but keep an eye out for the other two at next year’s conference: Progression of Black workers and Bullying of Black Workers in the Workplace.

A few comments about the course:

“Fantastic weekend, interesting and a good opportunity to network”

“It made me want to go back to my branch and get more involved”

“Nice venue, good food and great camaraderie”

“Great course, inclusive and informative, made me understand what should be happening and isn’t, I need to get more involved”