What happens if ambulance staff are involved in an accident?

How ambulance staff can make a personal injury claim with UNISON’s legal service

Those working in the ambulance service save lives every day.

Ambulance drivers, call-handlers, on-board paramedics and emergency assistants are crucial for providing care at the scene of accidents and getting patients to where they need to be in emergencies and critical situations.

While this team of dedicated professionals are always on-hand to care for others who have been involved in accidents, we want to make sure ambulance staff are also supported when they sustain an injury.

If you’re part of the ambulance service and have been involved in an accident at or away from work, on holiday or on the roads, UNISON’s legal service can help you.

I’ve been involved in an accident – how can UNISON’s legal service support me?

UNISON and its legal service support those working in the ambulance sector to make a claim for compensation when they have been injured in an accident that was someone else’s fault.

UNISON’s legal service, provided by Thompsons Solicitors, has a wealth of experience in representing trade union members in a range of personal injury claims. Each year, its team of dedicated personal injury lawyers use their specialist legal knowledge to recover tens of millions of pounds in damages for union members and their families.

If you’ve been involved in a road accident while on duty, or suffered an injury away from work, get in touch with UNISON’s legal service to start your personal injury claim today.

What are the benefits of claiming through my trade union?

Union members get to keep 100 per cent of their personal injury compensation and won’t pay a penny in legal fees when they make a claim through UNISON’s legal service.

You will be advised by personal injury specialists who don’t dabble in or give advice on other areas of the law. They will spend their time on personal injury cases.

Even if your injury seems small or significant, you can get access to free legal advice on whether you have a valid case before beginning your personal injury claim.

Family members also benefit from the legal service. As a UNISON member and a member of the ambulance service, if a relative of yours has been involved in an accident outside of their employment and they weren’t to blame, our legal service can offer free advice on how they can make a claim for compensation through your membership.

How can I make a personal injury claim through UNISON?

If you have been involved in an accident in the last three years at or away from work and it wasn’t your fault, contact the legal service on 0800 0 857 857 to begin the claim process. You can also apply for legal help online via Thompsons’ free claim form. Alternatively, visit Thompsons legal service page for UNISON members for more information on how we can support you and your family.

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