Treasures uncovered at New Forest District Branch!

After weeks of postponing, Bertie Russell, Branch Secretary and local organisers, Emma Lang & Emily Neave finally got together to give the New Forest District Branch office a well needed clean. However, what Bertie discovered, was a shock to everyone!

Bertie discovered multiple trophy cups and a chain of office, dating as far back to the 1940’s. The trophies were a mixture of awards, from winning the bowls trophy in 1955 to the skittles competition! Another exciting find was the former union, National and Local Government Officer’s Association’s (NALGO), Chain of Office, which consisted of all the president’s names dating all the way, back to 1948.






















Bertie Russell, Branch Secretary said: “I was really amazed to find these items, it made me realise what extensive history our branch and union have and made me feel part of something much larger. I’d say the Chain of Office is the most impressive of them, not only because of the great condition but also because it showed the branch was active as early as 1948.”

The branch’s AGM takes places on Wednesday 26th February at 11am at Appletree Court, Lyndhurst, where these will be proudly out on display.

There will also be free lunch provided from nearby sandwich bar, Woods, so make sure you attend to see this incredible history of the union branch!

If you know someone who was a member of the union previously, please contact the branch at as the branch is keen to find out more about its history.