Show Racism the Red Card’s new film challenges racism towards NHS workers

Show Racism the Red Card has launched a new video which follows the stories of frontline NHS staff as they recount their experience of racial discrimination at work.

The film has contributions from UNISON members and Roger McKenzie, Assistant General Secretary of UNISON, along with a number of high profile footballers from Show Racism the Red Card.

The NHS is one of the most diverse organisations in the country, but in a recent survey of UNISON members working in the NHS, almost 11% of respondents reported experiencing racist behaviour at work.

Rosita Ellis, chair of the Regional Black Members Committee:

“Black staff make up 19% of the NHS workforce so why are there only 12 Black senior managers in the whole of the NHS?
All NHS trusts should investigate what is happening in their trust around BAME progression and racism.
After the Covid-19 pandemic is over, this must not be brushed under the carpet. Black staff have put their lives on the line during this time and NHS bosses should work with the unions towards zero tolerance and eradicate racism from the NHS.”

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