Women’s History Month 2018

2018 marks one hundred years since women won the right to vote for the first time. The campaign for the parliamentary vote for women was a long and bitter struggle that began in earnest in the 1860’s. Although the movement is often marked as beginning around 1860, women’s consciousness about full political citizenship had its […]

Public Service Champions

Back your public service champions From saving the lives of your loved ones, to keeping your neighbourhood safe – your public service champions work around the clock to make your life better. But, there’s another side to the story. Because of spending cuts, your public services are in crisis. So, if your healthcare, education and […]

Proud to be in UNISON

UNISON South East has launched a campaign to celebrate everything good about being a UNISON member. Trade unions have a long history of campaigning and organising around issues that affect all spheres of life; here our members tell us why they are proud to be part of the union movement and #proudtobeinUNISON