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UNISON South East has over 2000 members who are active in their branch, at a regional level and nationally.

Our activists so thousands of different roles from representing members in hearings, campaigning for equality in the workplace to leading local recruitment activities. So, if you are a UNISON member and want to find out more about how you can help your union, contact us today.

Get active in your workplace


Many members start their activist journey in their workplace, UNISON provides training and education for all branch positions so if you think you have the skills to get involved here are a number of roles you could play in your branch or workplace.

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Help the movement grow


It’s not just personal benefits that a union provides. You too can be part of the movement that gave the world weekends off, the national minimum wage, workplace pensions, the right not to be sacked for being pregnant or sick and many more legal rights. Oh, and ended child labour. Our members play an active role to defend public services in their communities from saving vital NHS services to campaigning for better local schools.

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