Where you work

UNISON members work in many different sectors across our public services and for private companies.

Members in similar workplaces can best support each other by bringing specialist help and experience to their co-workers and UNISON members nationally.


Local Government

UNISON represents people employed in all areas of local government.

We make sure the needs and rights of workers in this sector and related public services in our service group are recognised and defended. By working together within UNISON, local government workers can achieve more.

Schools and colleges

Education members include employees from schools and academies, further education colleges, early years and children’s services, career services and more. Find out the issues we face and the benefits of being a UNISON member.


Health care

Nearly half a million UNISON members work in the NHS and for organisations providing NHS services in all four countries of the UK.
We recognise and defend the rights of all workers in the health service. By working together within UNISON, health sector workers are better able to fight for change.

Higher Education

UNISON is one of the largest unions in the higher education sector, supporting 50,000 members working in universities.

We represent higher education members employed by universities directly, or who work for a contractor supplying services.



Police and justice

UNISON is one of the largest unions in police and the justice system, with more than 50,000 members.

We protect you so you can focus on protecting others. We help and support individuals, bargain collectively and campaign to protect jobs and services.



More than 60,000 UNISON members work in the community and voluntary sector. We make sure the needs and rights of workers in this sector are recognised and defended. By working together within UNISON, community and voluntary workers can achieve more.


Water, environment and transport

UNISON supports more than 17,000 members working in water companies, the Environment Agency, passenger transport executives, bus companies, the Canal and River Trust and regional and local airports.

UNISON is the leading union in the utilities sector. We work closely with the consumer council for water, all party parliamentary water group and the campaign for better transport to improve the working lives of members and the services provided to our communities.



Thousands of UNISON members work in the energy sector, carrying out vital jobs in both the electricity and gas industries.

Our energy service group supports members facing issues at work and works to improve pay and conditions. We also campaign on energy related matters which impact the wider community, such as fuel poverty, sustainable and renewable supply and environmental safeguards.