Get Political

UNISON is affiliated to the Labour Party, this ensures that UNISON has powerful voice for public sector workers within the Labour Party. We ensure that our members who chose to be affiliated members (through the Affiliated Political Fund) are able to influence party policy through our branch, regional and national Labour Link structures. The key contact in every UNISON branch is the Branch Labour Link Officer and you will find information on this about how you can get involved.

Get active in politics

Many of our members are already local councillors, members of parliament or active community leaders. If you have ever thought about being more involved in local politics or wish to seek elected office to represent working people then we need you. UNISON South East has set up a network of Labour Link members considering political leadership roles, our aim is to support, educate and train our members so we have more workplace people making key decisions in town halls and in Parliament.


Life Long Learning

As part of our Life Long Learning initatives and in connection with the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA), UNISON South East is offering to members the following fully funded one day workshops. Power to be You: confidence building Would you like to feel more confident or assertive? This workshop will help you improve your self-esteem and […]

Settlement agreements

All settlement agreements (formerly known as Compromise Agreements) and other termination agreements such as MARS must be sent to the Region for the necessary legal advice from Thompsons Solicitors. A UNISON Case form is not required, please complete the settlement agreement form instead and send it together with the draft settlement agreement – once the […]

Branch guidance for the referral of cases for regional assistance

The UNISON CASE form The UNISON Caseform should be used in conjunction with UNISON’s nationally adopted Representation Guide (dated January 2016) and provides a means to: ensure that branch reps have all the key facts and information they need from the outset; monitor branch casework and the kind of cases being raised by our members; […]

Case Resource Hub

This is our hub for all stewards undertaking member casework across UNISON South East. Here you’ll find a wealth of support and guidance, as well as information on the various process and protocols we use in the region. The UNISON CASE Form It is good practice for all UNISON cases to be undertaken using our […]

Honoraria proposals over 10% of branch income

This form should be completed by a representative of branches wishing to award over 10% of their 2017 income allocation on honoraria at their 2018 branch AGM.

Branch Honoraria

These guidance notes are designed to help branches and organisers navigate the regional and national processes for the payment of branch honoraria. Regional Honoraria Contact: Vanessa Baquer / / 01483 406538 2018 Honoraria Panel Meeting Dates: The Regional Honoraria Panel is a lay member committee which adjudicates on honoraria proposals made by branches which require […]

South East Campaigner

  View and download past editions of the South East Campaigner: September 2017 April 2017 November 2016 July 2016

It’s Our NHS National Demonstration – Coaches

A number of coaches have been arranged across the South East to help transport UNISON members, and their family and friends, to the It’s Our NHS demonstration on 4 March. Find details of coaches in your area and how to book seats below. Or you can find out more about #ourNHS at If you […]


Our electricity industry members range from clerical and administrative staff through to senior managers. Many work in call centres and in billing and data processing, facilities and human resources, among others. Since privatisation, UNISON’s support for people working in the electricity industry covers members working for a variety of companies, many of which have moved […]

Water, environment and transport

UNISON supports more than 17,000 members working in water companies, the Environment Agency, passenger transport executives, bus companies, the Canal and River Trust, and regional and local airports. Around half of these members work in frontline customer service jobs and the remainder in infrastructure, technical, scientific and maintenance roles. UNISON is the leading union in […]


The Community and Voluntary sector represents workers from organisation including charities, other voluntary-sector organisations, not-for-profit organisations and grant-aided projects and work in a variety of areas including housing and care. The South East Community Forum meets four times a year and focuses on defending pay, sickness absence, health and safety and funding issues, which are […]

Police and Justice

UNISON is one of the largest unions in police and the justice system, with more than 50,000 members. The service group welcomes members from the police service, probation service, Child and Family Courts Advisory and Support Service and private companies working in police and probation. The Committee meets four times a year and campaigns on […]

Higher Education

UNISON represents more education staff than any other trade union in the UK. Our 350,000 members in education give us a powerful voice to campaign against inequalities, challenge unfair pay practices and speak out on issues that affect our working lives and the quality of public services. Our Higher Education Committee meets four times a […]

Health care

Nearly half a million UNISON members work in the NHS and for organisations providing NHS services across the UK. UNISON’s health service group for health and care workers has been set up to best represent the employment needs of our members working in the health sector. The South East Regional Healthcare Committee meets four times […]

Local Government

The Local Government Service Group brings together members who face similar employment issues and welcomes members who are employed or contracted by organisations including councils, schools, further education and the Care Quality Commission. The Committee meets four times a year and works to improve pay and conditions, campaigns to keep jobs and quality public services, […]

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Ryan Slaughter - Regional Political Officer
UNISON South East
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