Year of the disabled worker – toolkit for branches

Welcome to the Year of the Disabled Worker toolkit for branches.

It is hoped that this tool kit will help branches in 2022 and beyond to identify disabled members officers, support Self Organised Groups of disabled members, encourage more members to disclose as disabled and organise so that we can tackle issues that are important and can improve working terms and conditions for disabled members  

This is a work in progress so please get in contact if your feel something is missing, we can take that to the committee and if agreed get it added into the toolkit.

Find out more about events running around the region for Year of the Disabled Worker

Toolkit Resources

Factsheet 1 – getting started

How can your branch recruit a disabled members officer (DMO)? For many branches this post is currently vacant. This guide helps look at how to recruit to this key role.

Factsheet 2 – action planning

You’ve recruited a DMO. Now what? Factsheet 2 is all about getting started as a disabled members officer with an action plan for 10 initial things you can do in your branch.

Factsheet 3 – getting equality on the branch agenda  

It’s so important for disabled members issues to be discussed regularly by branch committees, as well as the wider equality agenda. Check out our guide to getting this as a standing item on your branch committee agenda.

Factsheet 4 – Self Organised Groups (SOG)

Ever wondered how to get started with setting up your own branch based SOG? This how to guide for branches and activists should have everything you need to know (plus a bit more!)

Factsheet 5 – casestudy

This casestudy looks in detail at how Surrey County branch went about starting a new SOG in their branch.

Factsheet 6 – employer disability forums

Many employers have these forums, and they can be useful. But how it’s best for UNISON to engage isn’t always obvious . This guide looks at how you can make employer forums work for you and the union.

Factsheet 8 – how to plan an event

This guide is focused on the logistics of running events specifically for disabled workers.

Factsheet 9 – campaigns and bargaining guides

Running campaigns can sound daunting, but it’s really a matter of amplifying the things that colleagues are already passionate about. Our tip, find something that’s widely and deeply felt and go from there. 

Further Resources