Everyone working in the NHS deserves a pay rise. UNISON’s campaign isn’t over, and government’s 1% offer isn’t a done deal. Our next ‘Two days for £2K’ campaign days take place on 31 March and 1 April and there’s still time to get involved.

What’s the issue?

After the coronavirus pandemic, the public overwhelmingly support more pay for NHS staff — 85% support a rise. But the government have recently said that they plan to offer a miserly 1%.

£2,000 for everyone is fair and reasonable for the whole NHS team. Supporting it is the least the government can do for NHS staff. It isn’t complicated, and it could be implemented across the NHS quickly.

1 April is the day that the NHS are due a pay rise. But government delays mean that they are kept waiting. We’ll be keeping track of every day that passes with our NHS pay monitor.

What it would mean for you

A £2,000 increase to every pay point would mean:

  • A pay rise of over £1 per hour for all staff
  • A fair and equitable rise, reflecting the contribution of all staff through 2020
  • A minimum of £10.23 per hour – taking the NHS pay floor above the real Living Wage
  • A Band 5 starting salary of nearly £27,000
  • For Bands 1 – 6 a rise of at least double RPI inflation.

How you can get involved

We know we have strong public support. If we work together, in UNISON branches and workplaces across the UK we can get the government to deliver on NHS pay.

This is not a done deal. UNISON and other health unions are submitting evidence to the NHS Pay Review Body. Read UNISON’s pay claim.

Get involved with our Two Days for 2K campaign days. The next dates are 31 March & 1 April, which coincides with the date that the current pay deal expires, and you are due a pay rise.

Writing to local papers is a powerful way to grab MPs attention and pressure them into action to secure NHS workers the pay rise they deserve. Read some tips on writing to your local newspaper here.

You can write to your MP using our online tool

We need to hear from you! Tell us what you think about the 1% pay offer. You can download a speech bubble and use it in a selfie, which we can use for our regional campaigning on social media. Or, you could send us a video, telling us why 1% just isn’t acceptable.

Download a colour speech bubble

Download a black & white speech bubble

Read some tips for taking campaign photos and videos

You can send your photos to communicationsteam@unison.co.uk

If you can’t take a photo or video, then you can still tell us what you think. We’re looking for people who might be willing to speak to the media, to try and influence the government to change their mind.

Have your say on NHS pay

  • Upload a picture of yourself (up to 10MB) to use on our social media. Please make sure there's no official ID visible.

Visit the national UNISON site for NHS pay


UNISON members show what they think of a 1% NHS pay rise

On 31 March and 1 April members across the South East came out to campaign for an improved NHS pay award

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