TUC photography project

The TUC will be re-branding in the autumn and the new brand is set to be unveiled at the TUC Congress

A part of this project is to build a library of photos of workers in their workplaces – not single individuals, but duos, trios or groups.

Can you help – would your workplace like to assist?

Please see the outline below:

We need your help

The TUC needs to find a number of workplaces where we can gain access for our commissioned photographers to take pictures of people at work.

What do we want?

We want to create a library of images that we can use across all modern digital and offline applications to promote trade unionism and support great stories and case studies. We want to show subjects at work because that is where trade union expertise is to be found. We want photos that represent the diversity of trade union members and occupations.

Why do we need them?

We have limited numbers of pictures of real people at work (rather than posed by models).

Why now?

Next year is the TUC’s 150th anniversary. We will be showcasing 150 stories for 150 years. Some of the people featured in the workplace pics could also be case studies for this series. That will bring publicity for the union, the employer and the region.

Can unions and employers use the pics themselves?

Yes, the pictures will be not be exclusive to the TUC. Unions and employers can use them for their campaigning or publicity. They can be used in all on- and offline materials. In some instances there will be the cost of an extended licence but this can be negotiated between the TUC and the union or employer.

What we need

If your employer would like to be involved, please contact Jenny Mason, UNISON Area Organiser.