Proud to be in UNISON: Delegates talk about NDC 2017

National Delegate Conference (NDC17) is UNISON’s annual ‘parliament,’ bringing together delegates from across the union to decide the union’s policies and priorities. For delegates across UNISON, it is a chance to meet like minded reps and debate the issues that matter, to get a greater understanding of the work we do and a sense of how big UNISON really is – as delegates from the South East were keen to explain…


Why did you choose to attend NDC17?

I attended as an opportunity to get involved in the important work that UNISON do, to see how it all works and to be a part of deciding what direction we take over the next year.

 Jennifer Hammond (Hampshire & Isle of Wight Police & Justice branch)

I wanted to have a voice in the union’s work and priorities for the coming year and to make connections with other delegates from outside the South East Region.

 Claire Ransom (Southampton District branch)


What did you find most valuable about attending NDC17?

I found the level of networking among other UNISON colleagues from other branches very useful and relevant. I was able to engage in discussions with other branch delegates about the challenges experienced in their various workplaces that affected membership recruitment and retention, training, representation and self-organising…

 Augustine Abiagam (University of Southampton branch)


It was valuable to have the time and head-space to consider UNISON policy carefully and thereby learn about what we stand for and how we work.

Ilina Todorovska (Hampshire branch)


What surprised you most about attending NDC17?

The passion and dedication people have towards UNISON – and the courage they have to get up and tell a load of strangers their experience and issues- surprised me the most.

Tansy Marshall (Southampton District branch)


I was surprised that the mood has become a fighting one – and the level of debate was encouraging.

 Declan Clune (Hampshire & Isle of Wight Police & Justice branch)


If a UNISON member asked you why NDC17 was important, what would you say?

Being part of a democratically organised organisation is a privilege because it gives its members a genuine voice, but also a responsibility for us to try and get involved. If anyone was looking to understand what UNISON does and how, NDC is a great showcase of those things…

 IlinaTodorovska (Hampshire branch)


Attending NDC is important to ensure the democracy and views of members are represented.

Gary Beechano (Hampshire Health branch)


Despite the uplifting experience of attending NDC17, the day to day reality of fighting for world-class public services and decent jobs was never far from reps minds.  As Chris Steel from Portsmouth Health branch, reflecting on NHS cuts, noted:

 Great event- great time – and I hope to go next year if we are still in a job!


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