Pay Up Now: We need all UNISON members involved

It may now be August and summer is well under way, but for our major pay campaign – Pay Up Now – it’s still full steam ahead.

We’re fighting for all public sector workers to get the pay rise you need and deserve, so there won’t be any let up in the campaign until the pay cap is scrapped and proper pay rises return.

Our campaign will continue to build in the weeks ahead – including putting pressure on MPs to back our calls for fair pay – but if we’re going to win, we’re going to need all UNISON members to play their part.

That’s why we’re asking branches to get involved and organised Pay Up Now events in your workplaces – using the resources available via our website and which can be ordered by branches and regions to use at events. In particular, we want you to focus on upcoming pay days in your workplace, and make the case for better pay and vital pay rises. We are constantly adding new resources and information to our web pages to help you organise a successful local campaign event, so don’t forget to check the pages.

We also need you to send us your pay stories – about how pay cuts have affected you, and your family, in the years that wages have been frozen or capped.

And we’ve launched a pay quiz on our webpage – which is great to share to get other people to engage with the campaign – which explains some of the facts about public sector pay, and why we’re fighting for a better deal for everyone who works to help our communities and our country.

There’s so much more planned for the weeks and months ahead, and we know after years of austerity and cuts this fight won’t be easy. But together, UNISON can win for all public sector workers, wherever you work, and deliver that long-overdue pay rise.