NHS reforms will fail without more money and staff involvement

New NHS plans for health and care services are doomed unless the government invests more cash and listens to staff and patients, says UNISON.

The details of nearly all 44 NHS sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) have now been published.

But the government and NHS England have failed to consult properly with the public and staff on these reforms, which are being pushed through too rapidly, according to UNISON.

The union is calling for an immediate pause in the process so people have the chance to give their views.

UNISON wrote to the Health Secretary in October setting out its concerns but has yet to receive a response.

UNISON’s head of health Christina McAnea said: “The government has ignored health and social care in its autumn statement at a time when both services desperately need more money.

“These new NHS plans will fail if the government doesn’t give the health service extra funds and staff are not on board.

“Health and care organisations have had to show how they will make services less fragmented. But better integration is just wishful thinking without more funding.

“Unless more is done to reassure staff and the public the government will find it has little support for these plans.”