UNISON slams East Kent University Hospital Trust over back door privatisation plans

UNISON is today (Tuesday) calling on the chief executive of East Kent University Hospital Trust to halt plans that would see hundreds of porters and cleaners outsourced to a new arms-length private company.

The Trust’s board plans to transfer all 1,110 support service staff to a new wholly owned subsidiary company but have not consulted staff or the local community.

UNISON says these new companies appeal to NHS trusts because they can use them to reduce VAT payments, and could cut the pay and pensions for any new staff recruited in the future. The health workers due to be transferred are the lowest paid within the NHS.

UNISON South East Regional Secretary Steve Torrance said: “Setting up this wholly owned subsidiary is a backdoor approach to privatisation. It will create a two-tier workforce where new staff are likely to be far worse off in terms of their pay and pensions.

“Crucial details about this new company are yet to be released leaving hard working staff in the dark.

“UNISON will be demanding full disclosure on these plans, including how much the trust has spent on consultants at the tax payers’ expense.”

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