Together in UNISON – a love story*

Lisa Hambrook and Jon Griffiths were newly elected stewards when their eyes met across a UNISON training room, back in 2016. Lisa has worked for Hampshire Police for 30 years, Jon works in the control room for South Coast Ambulance Services.

“Jon worked for South East Coast Ambulance and was based in Worthing when we met. We were doing our stewards training, the course was split over 2 weeks. I noticed Jon in the first week of the course, and I baked some cupcakes to take to the course for the second week – hoping he had a sweet tooth!

Unfortunately, when we got back for the second stage of the course, Jon was only there for about five minutes. He wasn’t able to take the time off, so he popped in to tell the tutor and had to return to work. My hopes were dashed. He didn’t get a cupcake.

Someone else on the course was in contact with him so let him know I was interested and he popped in the next day for coffee with me and the rest is history!”

Ten months later, Jon managed to secure a transfer to South Coast Ambulance Service to make a life with Lisa. They live in Gosport together.

Lisa and Jon are coming to The BIG Weekend together, and Lisa is looking forward to learning more about Public Speaking, and having better One to One conversations to recruit more members in her branch. She is still an active steward and has been Branch Welfare Officer for a couple of years now too.

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*UNISON does not offer matchmaking and is not linked to any matchmaking organisations