Settlement agreements

All settlement agreements (formerly known as Compromise Agreements) and other termination agreements such as MARS must be sent to the Region for the necessary legal advice from Thompsons Solicitors.

A UNISON Case form is not required, please complete the settlement agreement form instead and send it together with the draft settlement agreement – once the final terms have been agreed – directly to the Regional Organiser working with your branch, or in their absence, your Organising Team’s Case lead (details on form), for them to refer to Thompsons.

Download the Settlement Agreement Form here

If you make a referral it is much easier and faster if you email the locally negotiated draft agreement (and any appendices, such as an agreed reference).

Please note that the following information must be included on the form when making your referral:

  • The member’s contact details including their home and mobile numbers and email address
  • The name and contact details of the employer representative dealing with the case, including their office/mobile number and email
  • Confirmation that the employer will pay Thompsons’s £350 legal fee, but if not how much they are prepared to pay
  • Confirmation that the member is prepared to accept all settlement terms on offer (NB. if the agreement requires re-negotiating this would need to be undertaken locally by the branch/member and the referral then resubmitted).