“It’s all a learning curve at the moment, but the council have been amazing”

Eastleigh UNISON are so proud of their members actions during this difficult time. Many staff working for Eastleigh Borough Council have been redeployed and are now undertaking different roles in order to support areas that are under pressure due to the current pandemic.

Branch Secretary Karen Springham would especially like to thank staff for their flexibility, resilience and professionalism. The refuse collectors, parking enforcement officers, cleaners and other frontline staff have all been working hard to do their bit for the people of Eastleigh. In addition, the Eastleigh UNISON Branch has been doing everything it can to make sure their members are safe and supported.

Pic: Children in the area show their appreciation 

The refuse collectors raised initial concerns about compliance with social distancing measures; they also felt that the collection of food waste bins posed a greater risk to them under the current circumstances. UNISON was able to take their concerns to the council who reacted quickly and temporarily suspended food waste collection. They also put in a series of stringent measures to ensure the safety of refuse workers whilst out on their rounds. You can find out more about what EBC have done to ensure the safety of their refuse workers here.


Karen reported:

‘‘It’s all a learning curve at the moment, but the council have been amazing. Within a matter of hours, members’ issues have been resolved. The council have been thinking ahead to make sure social distancing measures are in place for refuse workers for example, and ensuing the general safety of other front line staff. Eastleigh Borough Council have acted quickly in supporting staff and engaged positively with the branch regarding issues raised by our members.’’

Members of Eastleigh Branch, thank you for being #OurHeroes!

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