Isle of Wight volunteers make scrubs for NHS and care homes

The Isle of Wight Local Government Branch are so proud of our Assistant Branch Secretary, Barbara Milton, who is currently going the extra mile on the Island to ensure there are enough scrubs for the NHS and local care homes.  Barbara was keen to help out, recognising that our key workers and carers are putting their own lives at risk to help others; showing outstanding commitment and bravery on a daily basis.

Barbara is coordinating the process – from engaging a local company to bulk cut the patterns, to delivering the materials to a team of volunteer seamstresses across the Island, in order to make the scrubs.  Barbara is also liaising with all the relevant contacts at the NHS to ensure the right scrubs go to those most in need during this crisis.

The branch are proud to be supporting Barbara and have made a donation of £500 to kick start the funding for this project.

We spoke to Yve White, Branch Equalities Officer: “The branch are keen to support our colleagues at the Isle of Wight Health Branch who are working so hard to provide care for our members and residents on the Island. We applaud them and stand in solidarity with them, and thank them for their donations towards this project, which is very much appreciated.

This is a massive undertaking that Barbara has taken on and we would appreciate any donations towards the costs of the materials needed, via the Just Giving page which can be found here:

Donate here

If the Just Giving donations exceed what is needed, the extra funds will be used for additional supplies as required by Isle of Wight services.”

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