Health branches in South East make their feelings crystal clear

Over the past two weeks, Health Branches across the South East have once again made their feelings crystal clear, all NHS staff deserve a proper pay rise, and they will continue to campaign until one is delivered.

The latest ‘2Daysfor2K’ took a step up from March/April, with 200 staff seen demonstrating at East Surrey along with numerous other events from Littlemore Mental Health Centre to Royal Hampshire County Hospital to Medway Maritime Hospital.

With UNISON NHS members in Scotland recently having voted to accept an offer which would see the majority of NHS staff receive at least a 4% increase. It is clear that in England, the governments decision to push for a 1% pay increase is purely political, and one that they can.

Liam Kenny, regional lead for health said:

“NHS staff have literally put their lives on the line to keep this country from turmoil. To say that they deserve a 1% pay increase is a huge slap in the face, and one our members are not willing to take. It is time for the government to put their money where their claps were and give all NHS staff a proper pay rise.”

“UNISON’s pay claim is fully costed and would mean all NHS staff receive an extra £38.46 in their pay cheques every week.”

It’s vital that all UNISON health members get involved in the campaign and that you are organising at branch level to ensure all staff are aware of UNISON’s campaign and how they can get involved. Please speak to your branch about how you can get more involved.

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