We’re not paid Kenough! University of Sussex strike (day 2)

Thursday 17 August saw day 2 of the strike by professional services staff at the University of Sussex. Here’s what happened.

Striking workers by a sign for the University of Sussex

Day two of the walkout by professional services staff at the University of Sussex was probably even bigger than yesterday, with picket lines growing throughout the day.

Support from students, academic staff, and the public was really strong with cars tooting their support for fair pay as they passed.

Professional services staff are trained to do more than just stand confidently and their jobs aren’t just beach. They make a huge difference to student experience and quality of learning.

And they had a clear message that Kenough is Kenough – professional services staff need fair pay now!

The sun was shinning and there were plenty of supplies to keep people going.

With messages of solidarity sent to staff on strike at the University of Leeds involved in the same dispute.

There’s a really strong feeling that together we can win this dispute.

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