Regional Council AGM 2024 marks the start of an exciting year for the region

On Saturday 10 February 2024, UNISON South East held its Regional Council Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2024, the most important date in the calendar for our regional democracy. Nearly 100 dedicated delegates gathered at UNISON Centre to debate policy and elect representatives, exemplifying our commitment to members shaping the future of the union.

We welcome Jed Murray as our new Regional Convenor and Claire Stanhope as Deputy Regional Convenor. With Sharon Gedling, who retained her position, they form the region’s new Convenor Team. We thank outgoing Regional Convenor Rosita Ellis for her two years of service, and Sandra Charles for her role as Deputy Convenor for the previous year. They formed an historic, all-woman leadership team, and as two Black women played an important role in UNISON’s Year of the Black Worker. Their enduring commitment to social justice and tireless efforts in championing workers’ rights have left a vital legacy for the region to build on.

Members debated and passed a number of rule changes, including a commitment to the formation of organising networks and the removal of standing committees. The AGM also saw the success of ‘Fight Back Against Local Government Cuts’ and ‘Zane’s Law’ motions, which have now been moved to the National Delegate Conference.

The day was reflection of the region’s commitment to robust union democracy, underscoring our dedication to addressing the formidable challenges faced by workers. As UNISON South East steels itself for the future, the AGM served as a source of guidance for the year ahead, and our continued commitment to advocacy, inclusivity, and the unwavering pursuit of social justice.