Proudly presenting our new Black members training passport

As part of our activities for UNISON 2023 Year of Black Workers, we have created this new bespoke programme of training for Black members.

UNISON’s 2023 Year of Black Workers is underpinned by a vision of ‘establishing legacy to generate change’.

With approximately 10,600 Black members in the South East region, one of the priorities for our regional Black members committee was to produce a programme of UNISON training to support the development of a new generation of Black activists across the region.

As a result, the committee has helped to produce a new Black Members Training passport, which will form a central part of the activist education programme in the South East.

The new passport aims to equip, empower and develop Black members across the region by better supporting members and building Black member activism.

Black Members Committee member and UNISON steward Bill Acharjee, who moved the motion on Black members training and development at the Regional Council AGM held in February 2023, said:

“The Black Members Training Passport is a great initiative which will help to deliver the legacy of change Year of Black Workers is all about.

“I’d like to encourage Black workers across the region to engage with the ten-step program we have created. There’s a fantastic opportunity here for Black workers to learn together, build and develop confidence to achieve positive change, encourage resilience, and gain new skills in the workplace.

“We hope that this programme will help Black members to feel empowered and become leaders within their UNISON branches and workplaces.”