Moulsecoomb primary school staff strike against forced academy plans

The school was closed today as UNISON, NEU and GMB members took action against controversial plans to force the school to become an academy

Covid inquiry needed to ​learn lessons and prevent ​future worker ​deaths

On the anniversary of the first UK lockdown, the UK’s largest union calls for a full public inquiry into the response to the Covid-19 pandemic

Health workers win two-year battle against privatisation in Frimley

UNISON members have won the battle to keep their NHS jobs, after threats to transfer workers to a wholly owned subsidiary were made in April 2019

Curtains for dozens of loyal staff at the Orchard Theatre

Around 50 staff at Dartford’s much loved theatre have been let go without notice

Let’s call the government out on pay with handclap protest

Recruitment pledges must be backed by decent wage rise if NHS is to thrive

“Without this support, I’m not sure I’d be as strong as I am today”

A UNISON member from South East Energy branch extended her thanks to her UNISON branch and There for You, after receiving a grant from the Covid-19 response fund. “My name is Carolyne Picknell , I’ve worked For Edf for over 12 years now. The company has been fantastic in supporting me through working at home […]

International Women’s Day – Black women perspective

Living at the intersection of racism and sexism is far from easy. We are discriminated against for being Black and for being women, and we exist in both identities at all times. When trying to understand a Black woman’s experiences, intersectionality is an important consideration. Intersectional discrimination has only recently been recognised, at least in […]

Women making a difference in UNISON

With more than a million women members, UNISON is always loud and proud for women at work. Tara Langan works in an NHS mental health trust in Sussex. Tara has recently become active within her branch as a steward and will soon be training as a Health & Safety rep. We spoke to her just […]

‘Empowering women is what this union does’

UNISON’s Empowering Women – Live! online event begins with speeches from general secretary Christina McAnea and deputy leader of the Labour Party Angela Rayner As a result of COVID-19, many conferences and meetings have had to be cancelled. With this in mind, the national women’s committee has organised a series of online events in place […]

UNISON wins workplace protection for domestic abuse victims

New domestic abuse protection orders will help to prevent abusive partners coming to victims’ workplaces As the Domestic Abuse Bill moves through Parliament to become law, UNISON has won a key amendment to ensure that domestic abuse protection orders (DAPOs) will apply to the workplace. The new protection orders are set to replace domestic violence […]

Raising my voice against FGM

Raising my voice against FGM By Sandra Charles, Regional Women’s Committee member The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines female genital mutilation as: “all procedures involving partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. The age at which girls undergo FGM/C varies enormously according […]

Women make great Health and Safety Reps

Women make great Health and Safety Reps! There has been an increased interest in Health & Safety, and UNISON South East have recruited and are training 70 new Health & Safety Reps to work with employers and their local branch to make work safer for all our members. Reps in most workplaces will receive full […]

Women on the frontline feeling pressures at work and home during pandemic

New UNISON report shows the pandemic is having a disproportionate impact on women

Light at the end of a tunnel

As we look forward to brighter days where our lives are no longer dominated by COVID, we will be picking up the pieces for many years to come

Challenging racism is at the heart of what unions do

“In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist”  Angela Davis Saturday 20 March 2021 marks the UN anti-racism Day of Action. Regrettably the effect of the global pandemic meant that demonstrations set to take place last year had to be postponed. However, an exciting online gathering event will replace […]