Medway Self Organised Group event at Medway Council

Working with Medway Towns UNISON, I helped to organise a Self Organised Group event at Medway Council, with the aim to promote our 5 Self Organised Groups (SOGs) to our membership & staff at the council. We held an exhibition stall in the cafe, over the lunchtime period. We advertised it well in advance, by sending an email to all members and displaying posters. Regional staff explained to members the purpose of self organisation, why UNISON focuses on these
groups and why members should consider self organisation.

In the South East Region, there are 5 self organised
groups (SOGs)
Black members
Disabled members
LGBT (lesbian, gay,
bisexual & transgender)
Women members
Young members

Self Organisation is key to promoting equality and helping the union develop policies that will change discrimination wherever it is found.
We had very positive feedback from members and gave out lots of freebies & information. We also recruited a new member, a few potential members, 1 contact and 2 new stewards! A black member came forward wanting to be a UNISON steward, which was great to see. If any members/stewards wish to organise a similar event at their workplace and need some support, please contact Clare Boorman, Local Organiser at and I can put you in contact with your assigned Local Organiser. If your workplace is in the Kent area, I will be able to support.

Contributed by Clare Boorman