Guest blog: Black History Month 2023

UNISON South East Black members committee co-chair Skip Bawa writes about his experience of Black History Month

Black History Month UNISON logo

We have arrived in the month of Black History Month, 2023. Let’s reflect when it began.

The first Black History Month took place in UK after Addai-Debo decide to take action to tackle “the identity of black children faced in the 1980s Britain.

So, 43 years on, what has changed?

I am writing to encourage every Black member to celebrate Black History Month in their teams, by telling stories about some of the Black people who have fought oppression and made massive difference in the political arena.

Photo of Skip Bawa

You could invite guests speakers to a branch event or ask local Black workers to tell their stories of how work and social life has been for them in UK.

Get involved, if you can on your local Black History events and take the opportunity to influence members of your workplace and in your personal lives. We are all change agents.

I will be attending, Hampshire County Council’s equality network and will support any way I can.

I hope every active Black member will enjoy Black History Month and make a difference, by doing this it may encourage those who are not active to become one.

I like to remember this quote by Dr. Mae Jemison:

“Never be limited by other peoples limited imaginations”.

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