Public Inquiry into the Windrush Scandal Petition

Dear Friend

We believe there should be an independent public inquiry into the Windrush scandal & the injustices faces by multi -generations & other communities who came to the UK from Commonwealth countries.

We support this petition by the PCS Union which has been launched in my name on the union’s behalf. . The petition can only run for 6 months and will end in June.

Please can you sign & share widely with all your networks. We have only 2 months & need 7000 signatures at least.

Once signed you will receive an email with a link you need to click on for your signature to be registered.

Petition: Conduct an Independent Public Inquiry into the Windrush Scandal

Regards and Many thanks for your support.


Zita Holbourne
Co-founder & National Chair BARAC UK
Facebook Group: Black Activists Rising Against Cuts
Facebook Page: BARAC UK
Twitter: @baracuk